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You can find us in Odivelas,
on Avenida D.Dinis.

Located on the main artery of the city,
we are in front of the Patameiras roundabout.

Caixa Eco-Estanque - Water Based

Less resources used,
thermally improved
and environmentally friendly!

Our initial thought was to offer our customers an improved container compared to traditional aluminum boxes while reducing the impact on nature after use.

In collaboration with our suppliers, we have come up with a product that we believe will revolutionize the take-away and single-use packaging industry.

It is highly resistant to liquids, fats and oils and does not need a lid, folding back on itself. Something that reduced our resource consumption by almost 50%.

Made of certified cardboard with anti-grease protection, but without any PE, PP or PLA plastic coating.

That's why is a plastic-free package, 100% compostable and recyclable.

Better resource management, less food
and a faster service and preparation.

It seems almost impossible but we did it!

In partnership with VBSS and ZoneSoft, we have implemented a computer system that accompanies us in every step, from registration to production.

This innovative system allows us to know in real time the amount of food to be served, the waiting time and provides us with a forecast of the hours of greatest service volume, avoiding food waste at the end of each day.

Virtually fully digitized, we avoid excessive consumption of paper and we even managed to reduce our customers average waiting time by 30%.

Frente de Loja Odivelas

We are thinking on everything so that our impact on the environment can be as small as possible.

We work daily with our suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of our operation and ensure that all our consumption comes from a certified, renewable, recyclable and sustainable source.

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